Sunday, October 11, 2015

AerogreeN® Golf Sandals

Established in 1997, AerogreeN® is a leading provider of high-end line of premium Lady Golfers shoes. It has now launched a new collection of woven leather that surely gives beauty, comfort,function and is very stylish.

Here are the available collections of AerogreeN® sandalsAmalfi and Salerno. You will surely love the great dedication to detail. Items in both collections have uppers that are hand-woven and are made out from the finest goat skin. All have anatomical matching leather innersole with arch support, spike molded and rubber outsoles. Sizes are from 6-11.

Just like  the rich art and culture of the town of Amalfi, the AerogreeN® Amalfi Ladies Golf Sandals is designed with a double crisscross strap and breathable sides. Itis available in Colors White with Black piping, Black with White piping and Silver Multi with White piping.

Salerno is a nearby town with an equally prosperous heritage as Amalfi. So as this AerogreeN® Salerno Ladies Golf Sandals. It has a four crisscross straps and breathable sides. The colors available for this are White, Pearl and Black Multi.

Not just a golf sandals, but a stunning craft of art. Better grab yours now.

Avail it here on and visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.

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A bit of Coral Glow and Cheetah for Golf with the JoFit Tequila Sunrise Outfits

If you are a golf lady (don’t worry it’s just a lady who loves golf)! Why not take a quick look at these charming JoFit Tequila Sunrise Outfits and take your pick for that upcoming golf game! The first thing they will give you is comfort, with compliments following rapidly behind, which finally leads to the perfect golf game. Our golf outfits understand you like no other and will ensure you are smiling and relaxed throughout the game. This means you will always be departing off the course as happy as you were coming onto it.
Okay, let’s go as there’s so many to choose from! If you want the full figure-flattering and elegant-bursting outfit, then this JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Golf Shirt and Skort is definitely your cup of tea, and if you don’t like tea, then let’s say your favourite drink! The full outfit comes with a sleeveless shirt, which is beautifully adorned with an incredibly eye-catching cheetah print. The lovely coral-colored trim on the neckline gorgeously complements the skirt, which comes in the same color with a sexy, flattering look. However, if you wish to keep your existing shirt for golf, you can always go for the JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Jo Jacquard Mina Golf Skorts, which come in a vibrant coral color and are a perfect fit!
If you’re a little picky and quite choosy (there’s nothing wrong with that, we all are)! It’s time to check out our fabulous shirt collection as there’s everything from short-sleeved, sleeveless, and long-sleeved! The wear boasts a dramatic coral color with a white combination or even the addition of the favorite cheetah print. The JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Printed Raglan Jo-Dry Jersey Mock Golf Shirt comes adorned with the cheetah print with a pretty sleeveless look. It is perfect for the sunny weather and will make a charming addition to your wardrobe.
The JoFit Ladies & Plus Size with a Twist Jo-Dry Jersey Mock Golf Shirt, JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Printed Jo-Dry Jersey Sleeveless Golf Shirt, JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Jo Jacquard Performance Golf Shirt, and JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Jacquard Long Sleeve Mock Golf Shirt all make wonderful shirts for that game of golf and are available from small to plus size! To enhance the look, you may also want to go for the JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Tipped Thumbs Up Golf Jacket, which is perfect for the cold and will always complete your exquisite lady golfers look.
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Play Golf with a Tangerine Bursting Outfit

A shirt is not only a stunning fashion element, but also one that gets the most attention as it’s the first thing one sees. Regardless of where you are and what time of the day it is, it is important you are in a gorgeous shirt, which not only looks attractive, but also provides you with extreme comfort. Golf is no different… Oh no! Amongst all the things you go about in your daily life, I’m sure golf is one if you’re a lady golfer who loves the sport of course! This is why you may want to check out these JoFit Tangerine Golf Outfits.

This tangerine-bursting collection boasts short sleeved shirts, full-sleeved shirts and sleeveless tank tops, so which is it going to be? This highly depends on your taste plus the weather, as the weather may not compromise with your taste, but you may have to comprise with what the weather brings! However, there is no need to worry as each wear is equally elegant in a vibrant tangerine!

If the weather is sunny and I mean scorching sunny, then the JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Excursion Tank Lifestyle Shirt is what you need. Not only can it give you extreme comfort whilst playing golf, but will also have you looking oh so hot! I mean which lady doesn’t want this look? If the tank isn’t your thing, then how about the JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Oracle Shirt Sleeve Golf Shirt or the JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Jacquard Tech Polo Golf Shirt, both of which boast a lovely short sleeved look with trendy collars.

However, if the weather is not on your side and you wish to remain covered, then how about the JoFit Ladies & Plus Size 3/4 Sleeve Raglan Pull Golf Shirt, which is also energy-bursting with tangerine and will surely have heads turning! All these flattering shirts will not only have you showered in compliments, but also come in all sizes, beginning from small to plus!

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Get On That Golf Course in the Greg Norman Nantucket Outfits

You love golf, but what about your outfit? Well, you must love that too, as that’s also important. If you were unaware of this all along, then you’ve definitely stopped at the right place. Not only have you found what you wear to golf matters, but you have also discovered the Greg Norman Nantucket Golf Outfits. These beauties are perfect for that sunny day of golf and not only that, oh no! This collection happily boasts outfits you can wear for golf in the summer and winter… So, regardless of what it looks like out there, you will always have the correct clothing and equipment; as the collection also boasts accessories.

The Greg Norman Nantucket collection is bursting with patterns, prints, shirts, shorts, and skorts, which means you will not find it hard to get the sort you adore. During golf, it is important the outfit you are wearing gives you nothing, but extreme comfort, as that is the key to a successful game. The last thing you would want to be doing on the golf course is complaining about the discomfort from your outfit, which is why you may want to go for this Greg Norman Ladies Golf Outfit Shirt and Skort (Nantucket – white), which comes with a luxury white shirt as well as an attractively printed golf skort. The short sleeved shirt will not only give you the comfort for that perfect game of golf, but will also have you looking oh so elegant! Another option is the Greg Norman Ladies Golf Outfit Shirt and Skort (Nantucket, New Periwinkle and white).

Alternatively, if you’re not after a full outfit, you may want to go for the individual skorts, shorts, and even shirts. If you’re looking for a favoured trend as well as a simple, yet stunning design you can always go for the Greg Norman Ladies 20” Plaid Golf Shorts in black. These will have you in 100 percent comfort and will never fail to coordinate with any colored shirt. Two more options are the Greg Norman Ladies 18” Geo Print Golf Skorts or the Greg Norman Ladies 18” Single Pleat Golf Skorts, which are very rich and elegant.

We can’t forget the accessories, which is why you may also want to consider the Greg Norman Ladies Golf Cart Bags, Greg Norman Ladies Golf Gloves (LH), or the Greg Norman Ladies Golf Shoe Bags. This will give you everything you need for golf and if you’re a lady who loves coordinating, then that’s something you do not have to worry about as this is the first of things all these things can give you!

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A Delightful Look at the Nike Delight V Shoes

Shoes, shoes, shoes, if you’re a lady you can never have enough of them and no matter how many pairs you have in your wardrobe, they are never enough. However, the important thing is that each pair must be stylish and what you must ensure is you have a little of everything. The last thing you would want is to find out you’re going out on an adventure and open your wardrobe to find a bunch of heels! That’s a little bit how it works for golf as the last thing you would probably want to do is play the sport in heels and find yourself poking holes all over the course! However, all your problems are solved thanks to these Nike Delight V Shoes.

The Nike Ladies Delight V Golf Shoes are not only beautiful, but also the kind of comfort the feet would love to be inside during a game of golf. Say a permanent good-bye to all those sore feet and blisters, because with our Nike Ladies Delight V Golf Shoes, there is no more of this and much more comfort. They are designed with a lady golfer in mind and can understand your feet like no other… What more could you possibly ask for? They put your fitness and the comfort of your feet first and give you a color-bursting choice from hyper pink, black and white, and white and black.

The Nike Ladies Delight V Golf Shoes possess a strong blend of cushioning, which is not only bursting with comfort, but also enhances the wearer’s stability and performance. The synthetic upper part of the shoe is water-resistant and features an eye-catching and appealing sporty design. The mid-sole of the Nike Ladies Delight V Golf Shoes consists of full-length phylon with the out-sole having an integrated rubber spike system, which is perfect to keep you on your feet!

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Look Sexy and Sporty with Our EP Pro From Afar Outfits

Who doesn’t love the animal print? We all do and if you don’t for some sort of reason, then you obviously haven’t set eyes on our EP Pro From Afar collection! It is bursting with vibrancy with a clash of the animal print, which gives you a trendy outfit for golf as well as one that’s packed with comfort. There’s everything from short-sleeved shirts, sleeveless shirts, shorts, and skorts. All these come in stunning colors and begin at size small, finishing at plus size.

Let’s start with the tops and fly through the lot! For all those who wish to have that flirty, yet elegant factor whilst playing the sport, the EP Pro Women’s Plus Size Sleeveless Golf Shirts are ideal. These are bursting with brightness as well as the charming animal print. The sleeveless shirt combines prints, patterns, and textures to give you a wear that’s simply irresistible! The EP Pro Ladies & Plus Size Short Sleeve Golf Shirts are another brilliant option and possess the same look, color, and print, with a slight twist, oh yes! As well as having chic short sleeves, these beauties feature a delicate zipper on the front. Last, but not least we have the EP Pro Ladies & Plus Size Cap Sleeve Golf Shirts, which come in multi-red and white, so which is it going to be?

That’s the tops out of the way, what about the bottoms you may be wondering? Well, do not fear because that’s why these EP Pro Ladies & Plus Size 23” Plaid Golf Shorts are here! The simple, yet stunning wear features an eye-catching check print all over, which will surely have everyone following the trend behind you! However, if these aren’t your thing, there is always the EP Pro Ladies & Plus Size 19” Golf Skort, which is jam-packed with vivacity and happiness! The incredibly attractive, faux wrap skort features the amazing and favorite animal print, which will definitely have heads turning! You may want to go for the item individually or altogether! With the EP Pro Ladies & Plus Size Golf Outfits (shorts and skort), there’s the polo shirt and skort, whereas the EP Pro Ladies & Plus Size Golf Outfits (shirts and shorts) are another very good choice.

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Say Hello to the Color-Bursting Adidas AdiSlim Ankle Pants

Just as much as you love to welcome the day with a lovely cuppa, that’s exactly how you should welcome your favorite sport, except with a little twist. Exchange the cuppa with these Adidas AdiSlim Ankle Pants and both begin and end golf in pure comfort and relaxation. The sport requires movement, which is why the wear you are in needs to be both flexible and easy to move around in. The last thing you’d want is a pair of stiff pants, which don’t let you go anywhere! Anyway enough of what we don’t want, and more for these Adidas Ankle Pants!

The Adidas Ladies Essentials AdiSLim Ankle Length Golf Pants are a golfers dream come true and come in the range of several colors. If you love coordinating, you may want to go for a bright option, but… If you really don’t mind and want to look both elegant and sexy, then the white or black options aren’t bad. The Adidas Ladies Essentials AdiSLim Ankle Length Golf Pants provide the wearer with a slim fit, which is the dream of every lady golfer and gives off an oh so flattering look! The comfort is to one side, as this is totally what you feel, but the appearance that is given off is a head-turning factor! The stretch woven pull-on pant boasts a sleek look and features the Adidas performance metal tab above the right back pocket.

These pull on pants are extremely easy to get into, it’s just like ABC! Simply put your legs inside and pull the beauties up and leave them to embrace your legs and provide you with maximum comfort. They come in a wide range of colors, ensuring there is something to suit all needs, personalities, and… They’re brilliant for those ladies who are coordination-crazy!

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Jamie Sadock Caramel collection

Tis the season to be jolly! So brace yourselves to be the eye-candy of the golf course while wearing this Jamie Sadock Caramel collection and a Cleopatra long sleeve jacket.

This Jamie Sadock Caramel collection offers two sleeveless golf shirts with equally appealing styles that will definitely suit your taste. The first one is a Jamie Sadock Ladies sleeveless golf shirt that is made of crinkle material and has black mandarin collar and gold accents. The colors are in various shapes that give a youthful, fun and bubbly style on this golf shirt. It has a zip front placket in bold colors of black, Cleopatra red, yellow and Gossamer.

The second Jamie Sadock Ladies sleeveless golf shirt. It also has mandarin collar and gold studs in it. It also has a zip front placket in striking splashes of black and gold through it. Such an elegant Caramel golf top to wear.

Also add this Jamie Sadock Ladies Long Sleeve golf shirt to these golf shirts. This Cleopatra short sleeve golf shirt
has a crinkle wave design in Cleopatra (Red), Caramel and Black. It also has an adjustable long front zip placket.Like Cleopatra, golf wars may be wage for the battle of your attention, beauty and exquisiteness .

Pair these beautiful golf shirts with these wonderful Jamie Sadock Caramel bottoms - golf skort, golf short, golf capri or golf pants. All are in Caramel as they compliment the base color of the golf shirts.

The Jamie Sadock golf skort is an 18" all way stretch woven golf skort with button waist, Zip front closure, small zip pockets & belt loops. It also has an attached biker shorts and needs no ironing. SAves time and effort but still in style.

The 19” Jamie Sadock Ladies &Plus Size Melody golf short has two zippered front hand pockets, one rear snap pocket and two metal pockets clasp closure at either side above hemline. It also has a zip fly with button closure and belt loops. While the golf capri is 24" in length, has four zippered front pockets with lower welt pockets, zippered back pocket with stacked welt pocket. It also has a buttoned front closure with zip fly and belt loop waist.

While the Jamie Sadock Ladies Angelica golf pants is a 41.5” stretch fabric triblend with belt loop waist, buttoned front closure with zip fly, zippered front pockets.

Check out the other new ladies golf apparel for this season at Or visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.
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